Ink has created the most advanced Cloud-hosted Departure Control System (DCS) capable of running across a range of devices.

The best passenger journey to and through the airport

Most advanced Cloud-hosted Departure Control System

Ink is used by airports, airlines and ground handlers all over the world for their mission-critical passenger handing operations on desktops, self service and mobile devices. Our systems are well suited to any tier of airline or type of airport. Whether your operation uses dozens of desks concurrently or needs just one mobile device, Ink DCS is the perfect fit.

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Web apps

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Supported languages
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Mobile apps

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Sell better and faster than ever before. Generate new revenue.

Sell Ancillaries airside and landside with unbelievable ease. Standardise Excess Baggage calculation.

Take credit card payments for Excess Baggage fees at check-in and boarding gates and sync them back to your Revenue Management System.

Ink Cloud was made to connect

Connect Ink Cloud, the platform that Ink DCS runs on, to any type of system – interactive Government APIS, IATCI, eTickets or your internal systems.

Our integrations are easy to arrange, affordable and rock solid. Access to Ink Web Services is free – we don’t hold your data hostage.

Use Ink as the information hub to coordinate passenger handling on our own and third-party self-service infrastructure.

Featured-packed with everything your agents will ever need for your passengers

Thousands of useful features and behaviours have been added by community requests over many years. The Community Development model gives every customer access to a huge number of continual updates. Even our most basic product is packed with enough functionality to avoid forcing your business into a race-condition of purchasing further modules.

1. Unified Interface

Working from a single screen makes agents more productive.

2. Data Intelligence

Visualise everything. Or export data to your own MIS/BIS.

3. Multi-Sector Seat Plans

Visualise downline seat plans in real-time during IATCI.

4. Printing options galore

Print to AEA airport printers, mobile printers and even Windows printers.

5. Use your own authentication

Log your users in with your company’s federated Single Sign-On (SSO).

6. Integrated Messaging

No need to switch to legacy Type/B messaging clients.

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7. No record. No problem

Add NOREC/GOSHO passengers, if you need to support this workflow.

8. Point & Click simplicity

No cryptic keyboard codes to remember. Works perfectly on touchscreens too.

Installed in more than 250 stations

Intelligent Seating Engine with time-saving functions.

Business Rules automate repetitive actions while allowing variation by station.

Forego paper by transmitting documents into EFB and Flight Crew Apps.

Speed-up your Pre-flight Preparation by automating manual processes.

Retrieve seat, collect APIS and check-in passengers in 2 seconds.

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Automated postflight message generation and transmission.

Maintain control of passenger information and processes during their airport journeys

Retain end-to-end visibility. With Ink, the airport is no longer a blind spot.

For many airlines, there is a big gap between booking (or Web Check-in if the airline operates their own) and post-flight messaging. Ink closes that gap. Reduce overall passenger handling costs, regardless of your PSS, while maintaining visibility of your customers with real-time record updates.

Streamline your boarding

Consistently reduce boarding times and save on staffing level at gates

Update load control data at seat row level as boarding progresses

A single click produces all postflight paperwork when speed matters most

Ink DCS tolerates momentary network loss that commonly affect distant boarding gates

Reliably board passengers using desktop scanners, Ink Mobile Agent on agents’ mobile phones and automated gates concurrently

Providing the best value is important to us

What a product brings to your business is the true measure of its worth. We do not hollow-out our products to achieve the lowest initial sale cost and load up expensive extras later.

Helping your business earn more is just as important as reducing your cost base. We build a Business Case with you that quantifies network-wide savings before you spend anything.

Introduces greater rigor in all parts of the handling process

Eliminate compliance violations with last-minute APIS completion checks, Selectee identification and Gate Stops. Increase security by removing reconciliation mistakes, catching missing APIS data and missing visas. Vet passengers against bespoke watchlists. Ink is the last line of defence to ensure only the right people board your aircraft. And we take that responsibility very seriously.


Ink provides end-to-end solutions so they include hardware and software. Or run our software solutions on hardware already in your airport. Higher operational resilience across your entire network. No physical servers to maintain. A true Cloud-hosted solution that is architected for infinite scalability. Elastic resources that can be ramped up for high traffic.

Simplify Deployment

- Ink DCS functions on virtually all legacy airport hardware through to the newest mobile devices.

- Rapidly deploy in days or even hours dependent on existing connectivity.

- Run on all Common Use platforms or run without CUTE.

- Obtain all of the technology that you would ever need to transform your passenger handling operation from a single supplier.

- Reuse the thousands of seat plans and registrations already in the system.

- We manage technical implementation, whether you use Ink hardware or devices already in the airport.