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Customers rely on us
Airline, airports and other travel companies work with us to keep their mission-critical operations running like clockwork.
What we do
Challenge convention
Remix technology
Simplify everything
Safeguard data
Design for our users
Make secure systems
Long term relationships
What we don’t do
Digitise inefficiency
Stand still
Play politics
One-off projects
Sacrifice quality for cost
Meet the team guiding the company
The executive team at Ink brings a wealth of experience from decades of airport and airline operations, secure systems architecture, build, deployment and support through to company growth, incubation, fundraising and M&A. As we evolve our offering and diversify activity into related markets, the expertise of our constantly expanding expert team will help guide the company through its growth phase.
Shawn Richards
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Janet Richards
Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder
Harmen Brenninkmeijer
Chief Development Officer & President
Hong Kong
Stelios Michaelides
Chief Financial Officer & Inside Counsel
Victor Alzate
Chief Information Officer
Blaine Powell
Chief Sales Officer
United Kingdom
Judith Whittaker
Chief People Officer
Ivan Jakovljevic
Chief Operating Officer
Elena Popova
Chief Marketing Officer
Javed Malik
Chairman of Advisory Board

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Work life at Ink can be fast-paced. We always try to make work more exciting for people that collaborate from 16+ countries.
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R&D, Sales, Marketing, Hardware, Software, M&A

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