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Improve the passenger experience with Ink Touch, the most advanced mobile passenger services app.

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Create a brand new high-capacity handling channel

Technology that is a generation beyond PCs

Many years ago, Ink recognised that smartphones and tablets had enough computing power to supplant Windows desktops.

As far back as 2011, we knew how important mobile computing would be. Today, we continue to lead the way in building out the most powerful mobile passenger handling suite.

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Do full check-in inside or outside the airport

Check-in anywhere – curbside, in the car park, at the train station. And sell wherever you need to.

Print IATA-compliant bag tags and boarding passes without the need for desks, power supplies or connectivity.

A native app

We have created a native app that delivers the highest level of performance. Our expert developers harness all of the device’s power and have access to all of its components. Ink Touch consistently exceeds the stability and capability of apps run on platform-agnostic rapid development tools and packaged web pages.

The most advanced passenger handling mobile suite for agents

Ink Touch is modular in design. These powerful modules give agents all of the functionality and features for which they traditionally turn to desktop software. Everything they need to process passengers and control flights is in the palms of their hands.

1. Check-in

Every vital check-in function including tag printing, seat plans and ID scanning.

2. Baggage Reconciliation

Become IATA 753 compliant and track baggage throughout its journey.

3. Boarding

Board passengers with just a smartphone. Instantly add boarding capacity.

4. Gate Tags

Bring order to chaos at your gates. Stop writing manual tags.

5. Turnarounds

Optimise the turnaround process while gathering millions of data points.

6. Flight Control

Do all flight-level functions, including changing aircraft, from anywhere.

7. Security

Validate passengers with paper and mobile passes going from landside to airside.

8. Vouchers

Print vouchers for disrupted passenger journeys, backed up by reports.

Check-in within 2 seconds

Read passports for APIS, including US Secure Flight

The most stable mobile baggage tag printing in the industry.

Reduce cost by using your own phone.

Download now and set-up an account with Ink to get access.

Runs over mobile networks. No need for private circuits.

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Independence from in-airport infrastructure.

Airports finally have real choice

Choosing between solutions that are all alike is not choice. It is dogma.

Many other industries have embraced mobile computing because of its universal benefits such as efficiency, ease of use and lower technology costs.

Ink has always been enthusiastic about the ability of mobile computing to change passenger handling. We strike a chord with aviation strategists who want those benefits and to transition from the fixed PCs that other providers insist they need.

Passenger nvenience

  • Serve passengers who cannot or will not use self-service
  • Bring service to passengers instead of having them queue for it
  • Process passengers in hotels, exhibitions, train stations, car parks
  • Board passengers where you need to; not just where fixed PCs are
  • Collect excess bags fees without sending passengers to Sales desks.

Ink Touch goes far beyond basic queue busting

While other solutions are capable of simple processes like printing boarding passes, Ink Touch does every part of the acceptance process, including complex actions. Apart from replacing the desks that passengers queue for, its power and feature-completeness make it the best queue buster around.

Earn the maximum revenue from your baggage policy

More passengers bring increasing amounts of bags directly to the gate than ever before. At the same time, the lack of baggage equipment at gates compounds the difficulty of enforcing airlines’ policies.

Use Ink Touch to manage cabin baggage, tags and collecting payments for extra or oversized bags. Print gate tags with a single scan. Take payments with a single action.

The Results
“[with] agents out on the floor to allow more interaction with the passengers, the service delivered by these agents was noticeably better. Even passengers were commenting how much they liked it.”

Ground Operations Systems Manager,

Rapid Training

Every design decision, line of text, user interface element and colour choice helps guide agents. So with minimal training, and in some cases, no training, agents become productive. More than once, they’ve said that they’ve “fallen in love” with the system. Many agree that the product is the easiest check-in system that they’ve ever used; even users that lack confidence using a smartphone.

Straightforward Rollout

Nothing is easier or faster to deploy than Ink Touch. Go ahead and download from the App Store right now.

  • Get everything from Ink: all of the printers and devices
  • No communications lines or Wi-fi infrastructure.
  • Cloud-hosted servers that are fully managed by Ink.
  • Board passengers where you need to; not just where fixed PCs are
  • Battery power insulates your operation from power outages.