JFK Terminal One and Ink partner to reduce disruptions and ensure operational continuity

Ink DRS: A robust backup system for JFK Terminal One to reduce disruptions

JFK Terminal One and Ink partner to reduce disruptions and ensure operational continuity
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JFK Terminal One Group Association (TOGA) and Ink Innovation, a travel technology provider, have joined forces to run a trial for a disaster recovery system aimed at managing operational disruptions at John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport Terminal One. The pilot project, which successfully tested Ink DRS (Disaster Recovery System), marks a significant step towards ensuring uninterrupted operations and passenger satisfaction.

Ink DRS, provided by Ink, has been implemented at Terminal One, the only 100% international JFK terminal. As JFK undergoes a major redevelopment program, aiming to accommodate 75 million passengers within the next decade, the need for robust backup services has become crucial.

The primary objective of this trial is to demonstrate that Ink DRS can serve as a quick, stable, scalable, and efficient alternative to the manual processes currently in place. By implementing Ink DRS, JFK Terminal One Group aims to ensure uninterrupted passenger processing, flight operations, and post-flight messaging, even in system failures. The first stage of the trial involved the collaboration of major airlines, including Air New Zealand, Air France, and Korean Air.

"TOGA is committed to providing world-class service to the people of New York State and New York City. With the construction of JFK, we are urged to take practical actions to mitigate the risks of outages. Ink DRS is the only system we know is running on tablets and mobile phones, which are independent of the airport infrastructure.”

Steve Rowland, Executive Director of Terminal One

Ink DRS completed the Cold Backup flow in a live environment during the trial. This included the creation of flights, seat mapping, registrations, SSRs, and allowances as per airline requirements. DRS service points for check-in and boarding processing were activated, and passengers and groups were processed seamlessly, including APIS, PNL, and bag handling. Ink DRS demonstrated its ability to exchange passenger and bag data with airport systems, such as security and BRS, ensuring smooth operations throughout the passenger journey.

One of the key highlights of the trial was the processing speed and capacity of Ink DRS. Even during peak processing times, the system maintained a rate of 50 passengers per hour at check-in per service point, with recorded check-in times for various actions of up to 30 seconds per passenger and up to 6 seconds for boarding.

Furthermore, the trial demonstrated the quick adoption and ease of use of the Ink system. Agents were able to replicate the entire passenger processing flow after just a 45-minute training session.

"We are honoured to be a part of JFK's transformation into a global gateway program. While the primary purpose of this trial is to introduce our DRS risk management capabilities in JFK Terminal One, the system integration with our mobile sets will also allow TOGA to observe how to redesign passenger flow within restricted areas," said Blaine Powell, Chief Sales Officer of Ink.

During the trial period, Ink's DRS will be closely monitored to assess its effectiveness in managing disruptions and improving on-time performance. This trial will also provide valuable insights into how Ink DRS can optimise operations and reduce congestion at JFK.

About TOGA. TOGA is a New York-based limited partnership of three international airlines: Air France, Korean Air and Lufthansa. TOGA was initially formed in 1994 and entered into a long-term Site Lease with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey to finance, construct, maintain and operate a new passenger terminal facility at JFK, now known as Terminal One. The Terminal is home to the three TOGA Airlines plus 26 international airlines. TOGA has operated JFK Terminal One since May 1998.
About Ink. Ink Innovation S.L. is a technology provider for the travel industry with core expertise in connected journeys and passenger experiences. Ink transforms travel by enabling airports, airlines and other industry operators to achieve greater flexibility. Ink's unique ecosystem comprises biometrics, digital ID, blockchain, mobile and cloud systems, and self-service devices to improve operational flow.

About the Author

Elena is the Chief Marketing Officer of Ink Innovation. She is responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of marketing initiatives as well as leading media relations and corporate communications.

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