Reimagining airline operations with mobile technology

How Sunrise Airways is using Ink’s departure control system and mobile applications for data-driven efficiency

Reimagining airline operations with mobile technology
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Continuing our success stories series, we talked to Patris Nicolas Tardieu, IT and Business Intelligence Director at Sunrise Airways. We are sharing insights on his journey into the aviation industry, the innovative strategies implemented and his vision for the future. Patris has been working with Ink’s systems for nearly nine years. He explains how leveraging mobile technology and data-driven insights with Ink’s mobile platform has evolved the airlines’ operations, changed passenger experience and set the stage for a future interconnected Caribbean platform.

From Apple to Sunrise Airways, solving issues

My journey began with studying aircraft construction, providing me with a solid foundation and cross-training in various disciplines. This expertise led me to the aircraft manufacturing industry. Seeking new challenges, I joined Apple, where I spent seven years collaborating with management and development teams in retail stores. My focus was on enhancing customer service, optimising operational processes and internal improvements.

Driven by my love for aviation and a desire to contribute to my homeland, Haiti, I returned and pursued a career in aviation. My expertise expanded over the years, from becoming a station manager for American Airlines at the Cap-Haitian airports to playing a pivotal role in establishing ground operations and setting up the Operation Control Center at Sunrise Airways.

I joined Sunrise Airways in 2016 when I discovered Ink and its Departure Control System (DCS), which runs on mobile, the platform that would become central to our transformation.

Mobile technology tackles infrastructure issues head-on

At Sunrise Airways, we saw the immense potential of mobile technology early on. Mobile for us has multiple advantages. In the demanding world of airline operations, we need agility and efficiency. Deploying mobile solutions like Ink Touch has been a lifesaver. It lets us tackle infrastructure issues head-on, enabling rapid setups even in the most challenging environments. Just as Apple integrates intuitive technology into everyday life, we’ve embraced a mobile-first approach to transform our operations. For instance, setting up at a new airport can now be done in just 24 hours. This mobile-first approach not only cuts setup time dramatically but also ensures our operations are adaptable and resilient, much like our airline's pop-up versatility.

Overcoming operational challenges

Using the mobile application Ink Touch keeps us ahead of industry standards. Using different modules, we’ve streamlined check-in procedures and managed high volumes of baggage more efficiently, which is crucial for our flights to Cuban markets. Customising these workflows to fit our specific needs has been essential in boosting overall efficiency and accountability.

Plus, the interaction is one of the best advantages. You don't have a screen or a desk in between you and the customer. The process is fast and simple. Our average check-in time is a maximum of a minute and 30 seconds, starting as low as five seconds for overall operations. It’s so quick that passengers sometimes get mad at us because we ask them to come and check in two hours in advance.

“This effort reduced discrepancies from 30% to just a few percent and increased revenue by 47%.”
Patris Nicolas Tardieu
IT and Business Intelligence Director at Sunrise Airways

Data-driven decision-making for real-time insights

Data has become our secret weapon. With Ink’s robust API, we've built real-time dashboards that give crucial insights into our operations. This data-driven approach has transformed everything from check-in processes to baggage policies. By analysing customer behaviour and operational data, we’ve fine-tuned our services to boost the passenger experience and drive revenue growth. For example, understanding the weight ratios and baggage patterns of our passengers allowed us to optimise our baggage policies. This effort reduced discrepancies from 30% to just a few percent and increased revenue by 47% (based on 90 days of research). It’s about making informed decisions that improve productivity.

Integrating Ink’s systems for maximum impact

The real magic happens when we integrate various software systems with our primary Departure Control System, Ink DCS. Facing operational challenges, Sunrise Airways has thrived by deploying advanced technology. Implementing a complete digital Operation Control Centre has streamlined our processes, ensuring transparency and accountability at every level. Our ability to customise and quickly adapt to changing circumstances has been a game-changer. Whether optimising our baggage management systems or improving OTP (on-time performance), our commitment to using data and mobile technology has been instrumental. With Ink’s help, we've maintained impressive OTP, ensuring flights are dispatched in minutes rather than hours.

Value of trust, “One Caribbean” and future developments

I believe the future of airline operations lies in collaboration and trust, with technology playing a pivotal role. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we ran a trial integrating with the Ministry of Public Health that demonstrated how APIs could bridge gaps between labs, airports, and airlines, ensuring safety and compliance. This approach paves the way for simplified partnerships and better collaboration across the industry, removing the need for traditional clearinghouses. If two alliances are compliant, that can be translated and controlled through an API that can be validated, bringing a value of trust. We aim to expand this vision within our "One Caribbean" program by partnering with other regional parties.
Orchestrating customer experience, we are looking to utilise multiple existing modules from Ink to strengthen partnerships with operators and integrate event planning tools. For instance, when we handle soccer teams, cricket teams and other sports events that involve moving people, we want to introduce automated check-in, baggage management and more. This requires partnerships with security companies, service providers and others. I believe using platforms that easily integrate many parties will enhance our service across the Caribbean. This initiative will cater to various customer needs, from easy travel for residents to transitions for luxury tourists.

At Sunrise Airways, we believe in the transformative power of technology. By leveraging Ink’s applications and data-driven insights, we’re not just improving but reimagining our operations.

About Sunrise Airways

Founded in Haiti in 2010, Sunrise Airways has grown to become a leading Caribbean airline. The company began with charter flights and soon expanded to scheduled services. Today, Sunrise Airways is Haiti's premier airline, offering reliable travel options for both domestic and international passengers. Operating from our hub in Port-au-Prince, the airline provides scheduled and charter flights to destinations across the Caribbean, including Cuba, Dominican Republic, Antigua, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Panama, USA, St Kitts and St Lucia.

About the Author

Elena is the Chief Marketing Officer of Ink Innovation. She is responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of marketing initiatives as well as leading media relations and corporate communications.

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